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Victory News – March 31, 2017

Hi Friends, Growing up I couldn’t wait to be parent. Parenting was easy, I thought. All you did was say, “yes” or “no,” and mostly “no” and that was all there was to parenting. “No” isn’t always the right answer but sometimes it is way better than “yes.” Check out last weekend’s message and see…

Victory News – 2nd Week of March 2017

Hi Friends! I hope and pray you had a great week and are looking forward to worship this coming weekend! Last weekend we began a news series Like Us in Every Way with a message on temptation.  You can see it here. This Sunday Pastor Ben is going to bring us an unforgettable message of…

Victory News – Third Week of February

Dear Friends, God is amazing with his grace.  We are not even good and yet God took away all our sin. This is not fake news, this is GREAT news! In Jesus, grace and truth are perfectly fused. ICYMI – check out my message from last week based on Jesus’ words, “Do not judge.” This…