'Year-Long Bible Reading' Tagged Posts

'Year-Long Bible Reading' Tagged Posts

Victory News – December 23, 2022

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, This week we are continuing our sermon series Christmas List. In this series we have looked at all the things that we want for Christmas that we can’t find on Amazon or at Target. So far we have discussed hope, belonging, and joy. And this week, on Christmas Eve, we will be looking at the word peace. For the better part of the last two weeks, I’ve been thinking, meditating, studying, and praying about the word…

Victory News – December 16, 2022

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, As you can imagine the young people of Bethlehem were not lining up to go to college to study to be shepherds. Shepherding was one of the least glamorous jobs of all. The shepherds were on call 24/7. They needed to provide food and water for the sheep, protect the sheep, and take care of any need that might arise. The shepherds were around the sheep so much that they smelled like sheep. It was not…