'youth worship team' Tagged Posts

'youth worship team' Tagged Posts

Victory News – March 13, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Let me acknowledge the elephant in the room. Our country, even our world, is experiencing an unprecedented situation. I am a pastor, so I will let the healthcare professionals and our world leaders speak to facts of the Coronavirus. Instead, I want to address your spiritual concerns at this time. First of all, as fast as the Coronavirus is spreading, anxiety, fear, and panic are spreading even faster. Some of you might be concerned that you…

Victory News – March 6, 2020

PASTOR’S MESSAGE Hi Friends, Things changed, literally overnight, when I moved from Texas to Wisconsin to go to college. Culture shock set in. Here are a few of the differences: I went to a high school with almost 5,000 students and then I went to college with not quite 250 students. Friday nights were about football in Texas, along with all-you-can-eat enchiladas, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and sopapillas. In Wisconsin, Friday nights were about all you can eat fish fry. In…