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Victory News – Advancing

Last night the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 56-14. It was pretty clear who won and how the game went even though I didn’t watch it. The score says it all. But to add insult to injury one headline I read proclaims: Falcons humiliate hapless Bucs. Yikes. It’s no fun to lose much less be humiliated. I know, because I’ve been there.
Now maybe you’ve never lost big on the athletic field. But I’m guessing you’ve been there in other ways. Losing. Or at least where you’ve felt like you were losing. At work. At school. At home. Maybe even at life. Ouch. Certainly the apostle Paul when he wrote Philippians which we’re studying in our Stuck? series could very well have said, “That’s me. Losing. I’m stuck like this, a loser.” After all he was stuck in prison for preaching about Jesus and some people on the outside we trying to make his life even more miserable. 
But God gave Paul a way to be unstuck and to win. He changed Paul’s definition of winning. It wasn’t about Paul getting ahead, but about Jesus Christ and the gospel getting ahead. In this way God changed Paul from the inside, giving him joy, as Jesus Christ became larger than his life.
What would it mean if Jesus became larger than yours? I think you might be joyfully surprised. Find out this Sunday as we continue our journey through Philippians together and God helps us get unstuck in life!
Invite Cards – will be available from now on at the usher’s table outside theater #1 for you to grab a couple to keep in your wallet. They’re just little business sized cards with our church info on it and an invitation. Use them to invite people you meet during the week to join us on Sunday at VotL. I’m hoping that the Invite Cards will be a convenient way for you to naturally invite people that you meet during the week. 
Groups have begun for this Fall. Check out the menu of opportunities on our website to get connected! Just a quick note…we had a lot of fun at Whitnall park this past Monday playing flag football! 4 dads + 10 kids. Still plenty of room for more! Just show up this Monday at 6 pm at Whitnall park by the big playground. I’ll bring some Boss sub sandwiches from Pick-N-Save again and some chips. Just bring something for you and your kids to drink. 
Junior High Confirmation Class – Starting This Sunday, September 21st Class will meet in the birthday party room just beyond the Victory café area in the lobby. Please contact Nathan Loersch or Jon Brown-Schmidt if you need more info. 
Teen Bible 101 Class Still trying to settle on a day / time to get started. It’s pretty tricky juggling all the different schedules and teens. Details coming soon. Parents, if you haven’t yet, please give us your input on what days and times would work best for your kids who will be participating.
Things Moving and Shaking Our design task force has been putting in a lot of time honing the inside of the building design, meeting with the architects, and communicating input received from all the various ministry groups in the church for the worship space, the kids area, the lobby, the welcome room, and the Victory cafe. Details are coming together really well. I’m very happy with where we’re at right now. Meetings with the DOT have recently taken place as well as with the Leadership Team and with the architects, our tech team, and an a/v consultant. So far everything’s moving forward smoothly and we’re meeting our timetable with the aim of having a shovel in the ground come next Spring, God willing! I’m excited to have some new renderings to show you all soon.
My first sermon from our Stuck? Series last Sunday can be found here on our website. If you missed last week’s practical message, be sure and check it out! 
Sharing Christ’s Victory,
Pastor Ben