Victory News – August 5, 2022

Victory News – August 5, 2022


Hi Friends,

Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! 

When I was younger, my family would take a summer trip to Custer, South Dakota. One of my favorite activities while there was to sit outside at night and stare up at the sky in wonder. In Custer, the summer sky is clear and completely full of stars, revealing the many constellations above us. The night sky took my breath away.

Have you ever thought about how incredible all parts of life are? How many things had to happen or had to go just right for all these amazing things – humans, animals, trees, oceans, stars – to be present? The short answer, God. All of these are here because there is a master plan, His master plan.

So why would God, who masterfully created all these incredible things, choose to rule the world through humans? We can learn so much about our loving God when we study His creation. This Sunday, we will explore Psalm 8 as the Song of Creation. I hope you can join us!

You’re invited to join us for worship this Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can worship at Victory, on our live stream site, or on our YouTube channel.  

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Kelsey Kuske, Communications Manager

CURRENT SERIES: Summer Playlist

ICYMI – Pastor Bill launched the new series, Summer Playlist: Sermons from Psalms, with a message about Psalms 1 and 2. The first two books of Psalms open with instructions for how and why to read the Bible. Pastor Bill answered the question, “How do we have a blessed life even in tough times?” The answer: you can find Jesus in God’s Word. To read and watch the message, click here

Coming Up This Weekend –  Guest Pastor, Forrest Bivens, continues the series with a message about Psalm 8 which opens and closes with praise to the Creator of all things. The Psalmist examines God’s creation, from the Heavens to the Earth and all the beings in between. Through this, we come to marvel at how God created and cares for humankind. You can join in on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am at Victory, on our live stream site, or our YouTube channel.


Mentoring at Victory: Men’s and Women’s Mentoring kick off will be THIS WEEKEND, August 6 at 10am (WOMEN) and August 7 at 6:30pm (MEN)!  Learn more about mentoring, see what participants are saying about the program, and register for the vision casting meetings by clicking here.

Life Group Leader Kickoff:  Have you ever thought about leading a Life Group? Join us on August 14 at 6:30pm at the Ministry Center for our Life Group Leader Kickoff. You will learn how to lead a group and you will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas for the group you want to create! If you have questions, please contact Pastor Ben.


WELS Choral Festivals: WLHS and WLC are assisting with the WELS Choral Festivals on November 4-6, 2022 and November 3-5, 2023. Each of these will bring 300-500 students to our area. WLHS and WLC are looking for families of local congregations to open their doors to their brothers and sisters in the faith.Typically, host families provide a place to sleep each evening and a breakfast each morning for two to four students. To find our more or to sign up to host, please complete this online survey.