Victory News – Busting the ‘Good Person Myth’

Victory News – Busting the ‘Good Person Myth’

Almost 500 years ago, on October 17, 1517 something major took place in Germany when a man named Martin Luther published a document by nailing it to a church door which detailed false teachings and abuses in the church. (This was before blogging!)

What happened? The ‘good person myth’ was busted. Consciences were set free. People learned that they were forgiven in the sight of God by faith in Jesus Christ alone apart from their good works.

It turns out though that the ‘good person myth’ is a persistent bugger. It takes many subtle forms and still holds countless people captive to this day. But the good news is that Jesus is the man who won’t go away. And the message that he came to bring, the Gospel, continues to bust the ‘good person myth’ in a spirit of continuing reformation in the church.

Join me this Sunday as we explore what this so-called ‘good person myth’ is all about and how the message of Jesus blows it up. It’s truly good news! And don’t you think we need some more of that in our world today?

(ICYMI watch Pastor Bill’s sermon from last Sunday about the power of forgiveness. I had the privilege of preaching at my Grandma’s church in Juneau last Sunday for their mission festival and getting to serve her the Lord’s Supper.)

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm through Nov 9 – “Who Is This Man?” Companion Bible class to the sermon series from 6:30-8:30pm at the Ministry Center // Contact Pastor Bill for details

Breakfast and Bible Group – Will meet again this Monday, October 31 @5:45-6:45 am in the ministry center lobby // all are welcome // free breakfast & coffee. Studying Ephesians.

Quest (Teen Group) Presents – “Getting Real About Relationships” – Sunday, October 30th, 6 pm. Rachel Greiner who leads the Healthy Choices program for WELS Lutherans For Life is our guest presenter who will be talking about how to have healthy dating relationships in our crazy world. As a presenter Rachel has talked to almost 2,000 middle school and high school age students in just this past year. She does a terrific job navigating a difficult topic in light of culture and God’s Word. All 7th-12th grade students are invited to the ministry center for an evening of true stories, fun, and free food!

Poulos Family Benefit – Sunday, November 20th, 3-6 pm at Victory of the Lamb. We’re hosting a bake sale, silent auction, vendor sales event at our ministry center. Will be family friendly and have activities for kids. Visit the event page on our website for more info. Contact Robyn to get involved. Visit our church Facebook page and use social media to share the event with your friends. Let’s get the word out!

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Operation Jesus Cares – Wednesday, December 21st. Once again we will partner with Christ St. Peters School in Milwaukee for assembly and delivery of care packages. This is our opportunity to have a positive impact on a struggling community. You can donate through an OJC envelope (available at the Welcome Area), or make an online donation through the church website. To volunteer, sign-up in the Welcome Area or contact Ryan Solie. Visit our event page to read more, see pictures from last year’s project

VotL Bucks Game – Saturday, December 3rd. Our church is reserving a block of 40 tickets as part of WELS Day to watch the Bucks take on the Brooklyn Nets. $20 per ticket; ages 2 and older need a ticket. Following the game, kids can shoot a free throw on the Bucks court! Koine lead singer, Brian Davison, will be singing the national anthem. Register online using this form to reserve your ticket(s). Please RSVP by November 18th.

Joint Reformation Service — This Sunday afternoon at Carroll University’s Shattuck auditorium there will be a special worship service to commemorate the 499th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. You can find out more here on our event page.

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Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben