Victory News / First-Timers Welcome!

Victory News / First-Timers Welcome!

First-timers welcome! If you have a couple days or maybe even a week or two this summer, you’re invited to join the Builders For Christ team building our ministry center. The Builders For Christ are looking for volunteers starting now and through the rest of the summer. Get a picture of where we’re at right now in the building process and find out how you can help right here on our church blog.

New Series Starts Sunday – For the rest of the summer as we’re building our ministry center, we’ll be studying Nehemiah. It’s an insightful book of the Bible about an actual building project. But not surprisingly it’s about more than just a physical building project—rebuilding the broken down walls of Jerusalem. On a deeper lever it’s about a spiritual rebuilding project—repairing the broken down hearts and souls of a nation. This coming Sunday we’ll begin by studying Nehemiah chapter 1 as we talk about what it means to have “a broken heart over broken walls” in our world all around us.

“Invisible Suitcases” Sermons Archived – Remember that you can always find them on our website. Think about you might use this as a resource for helping someone else unload their baggage and find strength in Christ.

The 4th of July Parade here in Franklin is this Saturday morning. Our church group will line up on Loomis Road near Forest Hill Avenue (W19 is our actual starting spot). We encourage walkers with strollers, wagons, bikes, etc. to meet the float at approximately 10:15am and walk with us, handing out candy. Wear patriotic and/or VotL attire. Let your light shine! The parade starts at 11.

Helping the Builders – Food Donations Needed. Lots of opportunities yet as the summer progresses into July and August to donate meals, snacks, and supplies. Go directly to the page via this link.

Sermon Series Planning
– I’ll be gone a couple days this week to plan the next year’s worth of sermon series outlines with the help of my pastor friends from St. Paul’s in Muskego. We work hard to collaborate and craft series that are firmly rooted in the sacred Scriptures so that we preach the whole counsel of God on a regular basis. At the same time we also want to preach messages that are also timely, helpful, and relevant to your lives, our church, and the world in which we live. Please feel free as always to send me any input, thoughts, suggestions, or ideas you have for a sermon series either this coming year or in the future. And just pray too for God’s blessings on our getaway. I would really appreciate that!

Bible Study this Sunday – Don’t forget every Sunday morning at 8:09 we have Bible study in theater #6 before worship. Sunday we’ll be studying Zechariah chapters 3-4.

Bible Quest Summer Vacation – This coming Sunday we will again NOT be having Bible Quest. Volunteers, thank you for all your faithfulness in serving. Enjoy the week off! Bible Quest will resume July 12th.

Host Team: Interested in getting involved? We need more people to help create great first impressions for our guests. Please contact Christie Mike to get plugged in.

Volunteer Thank-You! – If you’ve read this far, congratulations! Coming home from camping this past week I was thinking of and thanking God for all the many dedicated and conscientious volunteers we have in our church. You know who you are. I just want you to know how grateful I am when you are able to help free me up to do more of the “ministry of the word of God” (cf. Acts 6:2). It’s a beautiful thing when the church, made up of many members, works together to serve and share Christ’s love—and so much of it behind the scenes. But it’s all that behind the scenes stuff that really helps make our church special. And when it seems like no one sees, just remember you’re not serving men, but the Lord. He sees all your sacrifices of time, effort, and money. He sees all the ways you yield to each other in love. So thanks for all you do to serve!

Last Sunday’s sermon can be found here on our website. Special thanks to Pastor Kelly Huet from St Marcus for preaching for me as I returned from a family camping trip and wedding.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben