Victory News – Fourth of July Parade

Victory News – Fourth of July Parade

What makes the Bible different from any other book? Is the Bible really trustworthy?

Those are good questions. Tomorrow I hope to help you see that Jesus has an honest, reliable, and perhaps surprising answer for you.

4th of July Parade:  Awesome job yesterday, everyone who helped with the parade! We were able to hand out all the candy and almost all the postcard invitations inviting people to come to our church. It is nothing less than exhilarating to get to be in the parade and personally be a part of handing out almost 2,000 invitations! I just love it. And with the band rocking out for Jesus on the float, boldly proclaiming the Gospel, it’s incredible to me the reception that we receive as people look over the invitation and realize they’re being invited to church—to a church that cares so much and loves so much and is willing to get out and be in our community, for them. So thank you, everyone!

Summer Quarter
– This week from 1-4 each afternoon I got to go back to school…back to the Seminary in Mequon for a continuing education course called “Preaching Sanctification in Ways That Honor Gospel Predominance” taught by Prof. Richard Gurgel. While it required quite a bit of reading each day outside of class as well as writing a new sermon to be critiqued by my peers (yikes!), it was a thoroughly enjoyable time spent with other pastors and I’ve already highlighted a number of a areas in my preaching where I am very excited to start applying what I’ve learned or been reminded of. (The sermon I wrote for class I’ll be preaching on August 3 so I’ll leave it to you to evaluate what I learned!)

I got to see two of my classmates I haven’t seen in a while—once since graduation eight years ago. And I also got to meet four men from Thailand who are studying to be pastors as well as one from Indonesia. The power of the Gospel to change hearts and lives is so amazing…and I am reminded how blessed we are in this free country of ours this 4th of July weekend. Let’s use that freedom to do something that many people can’t openly do without fear in our world…and that’s go to church and worship Him tomorrow!

Sermon Series Planning – This upcoming week I’ll be getting away a couple days with the pastors from St Paul’s in Muskego to plan our next year’s worth of sermon series. It’s a blessing to work together with other creative pastors to develop series that are biblical, relevant, and helpful to you. Did you know that over thirty pastors across our synod receive the resources that we create and many of them regularly use them in their churches? Just this week I talked for an hour on the phone with a mission church pastor from South Carolina who had heard about our sermon series and who asked me to include him on our distribution list.

So if you have any ideas or suggestions for a sermon series, I gladly welcome your input. Books of the Bible, questions, topics, relevant life issues, various Bible teachings, issues raised by various books or people in our world…these are all possibilities. Any thoughts? Feel free to email or text me. I will have access to the internet while away as well.

Leadership Team Meeting – In the midst of the busyness this week we had our monthly meeting at the parsonage. I just want to thank the men on our leadership team. We have an extremely dedicate group of leaders who have gospel centered hearts and who prayerfully lead us with their prayers, their dedication, the oversight of our finances, and their decisions made in the best interests of the mission and ministry of our church. Look for a report in next week’s worship folder. We’ll have some dates for you to put on the calendar of things coming up. Lots of stuff going on to the glory of God!

Sermon Resources from last Sunday can be found here on our website. One thing to note is that if you want to watch the whole service, you have until Tuesday or so to do it. After that we are trimming the service down to just the sermon portion since that is what people search for in the archives when looking for a message on a particular topic.

My VotL – On our new church website we’ve changed what used to be called the “Online Community” to “My VotL”. This is still our web based church database and directory. Please be reminded to upload a current picture of yourself and keep your contact info up to date. You will find the link to My VotL at top of our website homepage.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben