Victory News – What is Good?

Victory News – What is Good?

Dear Friends,

This week I asked somebody via email if there was anything I could be praying about for them. I received this reply: “It seems like no matter where I turn there is a lot of hate, negativity, or divisiveness around. It feels as if some people wake up in the morning just looking for something or someone to be angry with.”

Might that also be a fair assessment of how you’re feeling too? It seems to me that in an absurd kind of way this might be the one thing everyone can agree on right now: People are so mean!

But how did we get here? How did we end up in a world where we think everybody should love each other and yet we feel like everybody else is so angry and mean? Why do we find ourselves in a world where so many people want to express unity only to end up feeling like we’re more divided than ever?

These are worldview questions. More specifically, these are morality questions. That’s what we’ll be talking about this Sunday as Pastor Bill continues where I left off last week in our timely and relevant Soul Searching series. Week one of the series was about Origin—Where did we come from? Last week I talked about Meaning—Why are we here? This Sunday Pastor Bill will be exploring the topic of Morality—What is good? We hope you can join us at either 8:30 or 10:15 at Victory of the Lamb as we look at this both from a Christian worldview perspective and from a worldview perspective without God in the picture. Invite a friend!

Partnership With Country Dale Elementary – We are starting a partnership with Country Dale elementa­ry school in Franklin. Our first project will be to provide items that are often needed by kids throughout the school year. In the past, where possible, teachers and staff would purchase and provide necessary items by themselves, just out of the kindness of their hearts. We will help them by providing the needed items for what they are going to call the “Victory Kids Kit”. Please use this link to check off what you would like to purchase and then simply bring those items to be placed in a box in the lobby at the ministry center marked Country Dale Elementary. Items that aren’t donated by October 8th we will purchase so that we can deliver the items to the school the following week.

Outreach Initiative, October 13 and 14 Would you like to be able to share your faith confidently and comfortably with others? On Friday evening, Oct 13, we will host an outreach training at our ministry center. The next day, you can put that training into practice. Meals and childcare will be provided. Find out more on the event page on our website where you can also find a link to sign up. FYI – You can choose to do a Friday Only option where you receive the outreach training but don’t go out with us on Saturday.

Family Movie Night – Sing! Friday, Oct 20 at 6 pm. Invite your friends to bring their families to the animated hit SING! Join us for a sanctuary showing complete with pop­corn, snacks and a few surprises. What a fun way to introduce your friends to Victory of the Lamb!

The Hymns of Martin Luther — In this Reformation 500 year, three notable choirs are joining forces to celebrate Martin Luther’s legacy as poet and composer. Join the Wisconsin Lutheran College Choir, the Lutheran Chorale of Milwaukee, and the Seminary Chorus—200 voices accompanied by organist Aaron Christie and instruments–to sing and rejoice in 15 of Luther’s greatest and most enduring hymns. October 1, 2017 – 7:30 pm – Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Auditorium in Mequon.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben