Victory News / Groundbreaking / Soccer Camp / Invisible Suitcases

Victory News / Groundbreaking / Soccer Camp / Invisible Suitcases

This is going to be a jam packed email full of blessings, updates, and upcoming opportunities. First, thank you all for attending our Groundbreaking Celebration last Sunday! It was an incredible day that anticipates even more blessings. Special thanks to our Victory Café team for doing a great job on the spread of goodies after the service (as always!). Also thanks to everyone who helped with worship, set-up and take-down, as well as the groundbreaking ceremony itself.

I posted a few pictures on our church Facebook page. More pics to come. I also posted on YouTube a video that was taken of the groundbreaking ceremony itself in case you missed it. From start to finish the ceremony was about 20 minutes. I’ll have a few DVDs of the ceremony at church on Sunday too if you’d like one of those instead or you know someone who can’t view it via YouTube. Thanks to Doug for making the effort to produce them. And in case you just wanted to catch the song at the end, here’s a YouTube link just for that.

Also this week, I providentially stopped by the land just in time to help place your prayer rocks from the groundbreaking ceremony into the cement footings of our building as it was being poured. This was an incredibly meaningful and moving opportunity for me that I won’t soon forget. Here are a few pictures I took and posted on our Facebook page.

Soccer Camp Is One Week Away! – This is going to be a record breaking year! We have about 160 kids and more than 30 volunteers! We have more teenage volunteers than ever before! This means we will need more help than ever to get ready for camp as well. There are many opportunities to help out in lots of different ways. Please consider how you can help out today.

Donate Food for Snacks and the Cookout:  We still need a large amount of food donated for daily snacks and the cookout on Thursday. Due to our high enrollment, we will need more than originally planned. Please sign up here.  If you have donations, please bring them to church or contact Cassy Robbert to arrange a time to drop off items.

Borrow Us Props?  Our Bible lesson theme is “Everest:  Conquering Challenges With God’s Mighty Power”, which follows the life of Elijah.  We are looking to borrow the following items if you are willing to let us use them for the 4 days of Camp.  All items will be returned to you after camp.  Please talk to Cassy Robbert before bringing items: A Small Tent, A couple of Camping Lanterns and Miscellaneous hiking or camping supplies.

Helping the Builders – Food Donations Needed for the Builder
Volunteers for the Summer.
To sign up to donate meals, snacks or supplies, or even to volunteer time on the build itself, go to www.victoryofthelamb.com and click on the “Feeding the Builders” button on the right hand side of the homepage. Or to make it as easy as possible go directly to the page via this link. From this page you simply have to scroll down to find what you’d like to volunteer for.

“Invisible Suitcases” series starts Sunday – So many people today are carrying around emotional baggage. They’re dealing with broken families, broken marriages, abusive relationships, or just a lack of feeling loved and cared for. They’re constantly struggling with feelings of being unloved, of low self-esteem, of powerlessness and hopelessness.

Yet often we don’t even recognize this is going on in other people. We’re too busy to take the time to notice. Many times hurting people hide what’s going on inside because they feel ashamed and afraid to let anyone in. We’d probably be surprised at how many of these people are sitting next to us in church every weekend.

In this series we’ll seek to become more aware of the hurting people around us and their struggles. We will search God’s Word to find promises of hope and help. We’ll talk about how we can hold out this hope to others or cling to ourselves. Invite a friend!

New Bible Study Beginning this Sunday – Every Sunday before worship we have a Bible study in theater #6 beginning around 8:09 am. Since later this summer I’ll be preaching through the book of Nehemiah, our Bible study series over the summer will set the context of that time period and dig deeper into the events and prophecies of post-exilic Israel. Join us this Sunday as Prof. Bivens starts us off with a study of 2 Chronicles 36:15-23, Ezra 1, 2, 3:1-6.    

Odds and Ends: Over the last two weeks I’ve had a funeral, a wedding, and a groundbreaking to prepare for and lead. I completed 4 sessions of pre-marriage counseling with 3 different couples and counseled a few others with God’s Word on an ongoing basis. I got to visit a couple families at their homes and invited others to ours. With Cassy and Sarah’s help we sorted and mailed 17,500 postcards for soccer camp. I got to help the Builders For Christ volunteers set up an account at Menards. I attended a building inspection meeting at City Hall, a planning meeting with our design and financial task forces, a meeting with other pastors in our circuit, and a number of meetings with individuals, couples, and families. I also got to enjoy the wonderful food and fellowship at one of our small groups this Wednesday at the Andersens. Sarah and I also have been working to complete all the paperwork, classes, and requirements for our adoption to be finalized in July.

So life is full. God is good. Somewhere in the midst of all this I’ve also had the opportunity to prepare worship services and sermons for Sunday mornings at VotL which I love and enjoy. I’m continually thankful for all of you who volunteer, help carry out ministry, and remember me in your prayers. God gives all of us gifts to serve and it’s truly a beautiful, wonderful thing when we can all find ways to build each other up and reach out to others.

Host Team: Interested in getting involved? We need more people to help create great first impressions for our guests. Please contact Christie Mike to get plugged in.

St. Jacobi Lutheran School in Greenfield – is our partner in providing high quality 3K, 4K, and K-8 Christian Education for those who seek it. Find more info here about special tuition rates for VotL member families.

Last Sunday’s sermon resources can be found here on our website. “Jesus Has Groundbreaking Words!”

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben