Victory News – January 22, 2021

Victory News – January 22, 2021


Hi Friends,

What would you do if you had an extra hour each day?

Time is one of the precious gifts of God.  But many of us seem to have an unhealthy relationship with time. We say things like: “Let me say a quick prayer.” “Hurry. We are going to be late.” “Time is money.” Have you ever looked up at the clock and said, “Time got away from me.” Many of us schedule our days tightly so that we can get more done. Dr. Larry Dossey says that we suffer from “time sicknesses.”

This weekend as we continue our Renewed series, we will look at God’s command and invitation to not just slow down but to stop.

Hope to see you for worship this weekend on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can worship at Victory, on our live stream site, or on our YouTube channel.  

Reaching today’s people with Christ’s victory,

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Last weekend, Pastor Ben shared a message about forgiveness. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean we’ll feel instant joy or relief. But it does mean we’re taking the right steps to walk toward healing and renewal. Click here to read or watch this message.

Coming Up This Weekend – Pastor Bill will help us examine the idea of taking a Sabbath. Jesus lets us know that it is not only good for us to rest but that he wants us to rest, both physically and spiritually. Resting with God brings renewal. Join us on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can join in these services at Victory, on our live stream site, or on our YouTube channel.  


Marriage Enrichment – The next presentation in the Parenting Support series is intended to help you and your spouse grow closer together and strengthen your marriage. Join in this presentation on Monday, February 1 at 6:30pm, either at the Ministry Center or via live stream. Learn more at votl.life/parenting.


2020 Year-End Giving Statements – Thank you for your generosity to Victory. You can now access your 2020 year-end Giving Statement. Click here for directions on how you can access your giving statement. Any questions about your statement or need help? Email Laura, our Financial Manager.