Victory News – July 17, 2020

Victory News – July 17, 2020


Hi Friends,

“Beware of Dog.” While you and I may not notice this sign a lot, I’m sure the Amazon, Fed Ex, UPS and US Mail carriers notice it a lot more. I remember canvassing in El Paso as a teenager and our pastor would tell us, “Don’t stop by the houses that have a ‘No Soliciting’ or ‘Beware of Dog’ signs.”

In Philippians 3:2, the Apostle Paul says, “Watch out for those dogs.” Paul wasn’t talking about the domesticated, friendly, almost child-like dogs that many of us have in our homes. Nor is he talking about the pack animals that commonly roamed the streets back in his day.

Paul was using the term “dog” to refer to people who were saying that Jesus was not enough. These people taught that if you wanted to be right with God, you have to have Jesus and (fill in the blank). And so, they told people it wasn’t enough to believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior and you have to do more than that to be saved.

What are you relying on to be right with God and obtain heaven? Are you relying on Christ alone, or do you also rely on your own goodness?

This weekend as we continue our series Finding Joy, we turn into Philippians 3 to help us find joy as we see that Jesus + Nothing = Everything!

I invite you to join and participate in worship, in person or online this Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am.

Sharing Christ’s victory,

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Last weekend, Pastor Ben shared a message about the joy we can find when we unite with one another. Unity isn’t easy to achieve, but it can happen when a group of believers join in Jesus’ name.  Click here to read or watch this message.

Coming Up This Weekend – This weekend, Pastor Bill continues the series with a message about Christ’s work. We can find joy in Christ’s work, which we do as a reflection of His love for us. Doing Jesus’ work isn’t always easy, but we press on towards the prize of eternity.Join us on Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can join in for these services in person or online. 


Invite a Friend to Get to Know Jesus – It might not be in the front of your mind to invite a friend to church, but the hope and joy we find in Jesus is important now more than ever! We’ve got a new resource you can use to help you invite a friend to join you for worship (in person or online) or to have conversations about Jesus. You can go to votl.life/invite to access this resource and invite a friend to worship with you this weekend!

Versiti Blood Drive – Victory is partnering with Versiti to serve our community! We’ll host a blood drive on Wednesday, July 29 from 3:00-7:00pm. In order to maintain social distancing and ensure safety, we’ll be adjusting our set-up from other drives and we will not be able to provide child care during the drive. To sign up to donate, click here. Thank you for saving a life!


Live Stream Worship: New Look This Weekend! – We’ve upgraded to a new version of our online streaming service, so look forward to a new, cleaner look this weekend! You can check it out now at victoryofthelamb.online.church.

This Week’s Bible Reading – This week in the Biblical Storyline Plan, we read Psalms 9-45. Supporting videos for this week include Jewish Literature, Art of Biblical Poetry, and Metaphor of Biblical Poetry. Learn more about this reading plan and get involved at votl.life/bible.