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Victory News – July 27. 2018


Dear friends,

Hearing someone call your name can mean lots of emotions: pride, confusion, fear, and joy. Fifteen years ago this past week, the call we got shook my family to its core when our daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Jacky’s heart and my heart were already about waist high that morning, because we knew what the doctors were looking for. But when the doctors called us over and the diagnosis came… our hearts splashed onto the floor. There is a lot more to this story of God’s grace, but today I will share with you just one part.

Alyssa was Ryan Longwell’s (Green Bay Packers) bike kid for two or three years in a row. We have Packer publicity of the two riding off to practice. After Alyssa’s diagnosis, Ryan came to visit her in the hospital. The two have stayed in touch. Last Saturday, Ryan was inducted into the Packer Hall of Fame. During his speech he mentioned what it means to be a Packer, including his experience having Alyssa as a bike kid. The video of Ryan’s speech is on my Facebook Page; the proud dad moment of Ryan calling out Alyssa’s name begins at minute 22:10.

One day, by God’s grace, God will call out your name, my name, and we will be, not in the Packer Hall of Fame, but in heaven! All because Jesus lived a perfect life in our place, and died the death we deserved, defeating the cancer of sin, death and Satan, and the Holy Spirit brought us to faith. For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. (Ephesians 2:8,9)

Thankful for Jesus everyday!

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Last week, Pastor Bill shared with us that following Jesus isn’t easy. By nature, we’re way too good at excuses. Lying underneath these excuses is fear.  Click here to view this message.

Coming Up This Sunday –  Sometimes it seems foolish to do what God commands. We don’t always see or understand why God asks us to do what He asks us to do, but faith tells us that when we do it, we will be blessed. Join us to learn about God’s unshakeable promises on Sunday at 8:30 or 10:15am at church or online.


Blood Drive – Be a hero! Donate blood to the BloodCenter of Wisconsin at the Ministry Center on August 1 from 3:00-7:30pm.  In addition to helping local hospital patients, your donation will also provide a grant to support the Lighthouse Youth Center. We need volunteers to support BloodCenter staff and donors. If you’re interested in supporting the Blood Drive through donating food, helping set up or tear down, or watching children for donors, click here to sign up to fill a need. You can also reserve your appointment online, or call BloodCenter at 877-232-4376. Appointments encouraged, and refreshments provided.

Call Update and Generosity – On July 15 during Sunday services, our Leadership Team president Jeff Guenther gave an update to the congregation related to our calling process for a second pastor, as well as the generosity of our church body.  Click here to view the transcript of this announcement. Please email the Leadership Team with any questions or comments related to this announcement.

Big Announcement Coming! – This Sunday, Victory of the Lamb will launch a new online tool to help you stay connected with your church.  Signing up for events, submitting prayer requests, and filling out connection cards is going to get a whole lot easier.  Join us on Sunday morning to hear about this new way to get involved at Victory of the Lamb.


Summer Bible Study – Habakkuk had some tough questions for God and asked God for some answers. He didn’t like God’s answers at first, but he later learned to love them. We will learn to love God’s answers too as we study the Book of Habakkuk. This series, which continues on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30pm, is led by Prof. Forrest (Frosty) Bivens. No RSVP needed; join us as you are able. Visit our events page for more information about this Bible study.

Altar Flowers – Sign-up for Altar Flower sponsorship is now available for August through October. Click here to view available dates and reserve your altar flower sponsorship. The form will look different than if you’ve sponsored in the past; we’ve simplified the form to now include date reservations, payment, and recognition information all in one form. Thank you for beautifying our worship experience every Sunday!