Victory News – July 30, 2021

Victory News – July 30, 2021


Hi Friends,

In an international cross-country race in December of 2012, a Kenyan athlete was winning. Unfortunately, he became confused with the race signage. He stopped, thinking he had crossed the finish line and won the race. But the finish line was actually a few yards away.

The Spanish runner in second place was coming up quickly. He knew where the real finish line was. He started shouting to the runner ahead of him to keep going. But the Kenyan didn’t understand Spanish. The Spanish runner, now nearly on top of the Kenyan runner, pushed his competitor across the finish line.

A reporter asked the Spanish runner, “Why did you do this?”

He replied, “My dream is that one day, we can have some sort of community life where we push ourselves and help each other win.”

“But you could have won,” the reporter insisted.

The Spanish runner responded, “I didn’t deserve to win. I did what I had to do . . . as soon as I saw [the Kenyan runner] stopping, I knew I wasn’t going to pass him.”

What the Spanish runner did stands out because today many people take advantage of other people’s weaknesses instead of helping to strengthen them. What would you have done?

This weekend, as we continue our series David: the (im)Perfect King, we will look at another account of good character. I can’t wait to share God’s truth and love with you!

Hope to see you for worship this Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am, in person or online.  Feel free to invite a family member or friend to join you. You can worship at Victory, on our live stream site, or on our YouTube channel.  

Reaching today’s people with Christ’s victory,

Pastor Bill

CURRENT SERIES – David: The (im)Perfect King

ICYMI – Last weekend, Pastor Ben shared a message about friendship. Even though they knew it might cost them their lives, David and Jonathan bonded with one another because they knew it was what God intended for them. You can click here to read and watch this message.

Coming Up This Weekend – Pastor Bill helps us examine what it means to be of good character. When you find yourself in a position of power and authority over someone who has wronged you, your decisions will reveal what you really think about God, mercy, and justice. Join us for worship on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am at Victory on our live stream site or our YouTube channel.


Community Concert with the Playlist – On August 14 from 5:30-9:00pm, Victory will host a Community Concert at the Ministry Center. This will be a free opportunity for you and our community to celebrate summer, enjoy family time, and have fun! The Playlist will be there, as well as food trucks for you to purchase some dinner. Click here to see how you can get involved at this event. We still need several volunteers during the concert to assist with parking and hospitality, as well as to help with clean-up after the concert.

Mentoring at Victory – Having a mentor is an essential part of life. A Christian mentor is someone to trains, leads, and guides you through life’s transitions, praying for you and helping you grow in faith along the way. Men’s and Women’s Mentoring kicks off at Victory on August 21 and 22 with vision casting meetings for each group. You are not obligated to participate in the mentoring groups by attending the meeting! Learn more about mentoring, see what participants are saying about the program, and register for the vision casting meetings by clicking here.

Classic Car Show – Mark your calendars for our second Classic Car Show! Victory will host this free family-friendly event for the community on Saturday, August 28 from 10:00am-1:00pm. We’ll have free food, classic cars, and fun for the whole family. You can click here to get involved with the car show by registering your classic car, donating to the event, and volunteering at the event.


Staffing Updates – We’re excited to announce that, starting September 1, Cindy Bergner will join the staff at Victory as our Victory Cafe Coordinator. Cindy is a long-time volunteer in the Cafe who was instrumental in setting up the Cafe when the Ministry Center opened almost six years ago. Cindy will be installed in this position at the end of August.

Leadership Team Updates – There have been some changes to the Leadership Team at Victory. We welcome Mike Shinners and Tim Orlowski to the Leadership Team, starting this September. Jim Vogel will be moving to the position of Leadership Team President. We welcome our new leaders and thank our current leaders for their service to Victory.