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Victory News – June 15, 2018


Hello Friends,

Happy Father’s Day Weekend. I asked a number of people to give me three words that describe their dads. One said compassionate, dependable, hard-worker.  Others said fearful, insecure, provider; fun-loving, involved, outdoorsman; and moody, opinionated, stressed.  What three characteristics of your father come to mind?  A lot of us were blessed to have very caring, nurturing, Christian fathers.  But for some of us, our fathers were not the greatest  examples.  Wherever our earthly fathers land on the scale of 1 to 10, they all need the Savior.  On this Father’s Day, I want to draw our attention to our heavenly Father who is perfect.

Our perfect heavenly Father is also a very personal God.  Tommy Walker, a Christian songwriter whose work frequents stations like K-LOVE, has a story to tell about each of his songs. Here is the story behind his song, “He Knows My Name”:

“The first time we went to the Philippines we stayed in an orphanage and there was this little boy who came running up to me and he  introduced himself as Jerry. About an hour later he ran up to me again and he said, ‘What’s my name?’ I said, ‘Your name is Jerry.’ He said, ‘We’re friends, right?’ An hour later, he comes up to me again and says, ‘What’s my name?’ ‘Jerry.’ ‘We’re friends, right?’ ‘That’s right buddy, you got it.’ The next morning he runs up to me and says, ‘What’s my name?’  I said, ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry. You know I know your name. Then I said to him, ‘We’re friends, right?’

“I realized that Jerry, one of the forgotten people, one of the poorest of the poor, was literally abandoned by his parents on the streets as an infant. I don’t think he even knows his last name. He just wanted somebody to know him, to know his name. And it was so important to him that I knew his name. And then I was able to tell him, ‘Jerry, it’s great that I know your name, but your Heavenly Father, though you have no earthly father, knows your name and He’ll never forget you.'”

In our global world we are just one in over 7 billion. Sometimes, it may seem like we’re just another number. But God can pick us out of the crowd and He knows our name.  Did your parents ever mess up your name calling you by a sibling’s name?  God never does that.  God knows you intimately and personally.  You can call on Him in the dark of night, during the storms of life, during the peace of a walk, or in the wonder of beauty.  God knows you individually.  He is present in your life.  He knows your needs, both physical and spiritual and he knows your name.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Last week, Pastor Bill shared how complete ruin doesn’t happen all at once; it happens as we take small steps away from God.  He encouraged us to find ways to take small steps towards God instead.  Click here to view the message. If you’re looking for a way to take small steps towards God next week, check out our Facebook page and join the Small Steps group to engage in the posts from this past week as you grow closer to God.

Coming Up This Sunday –  This weekend, we’re celebrating dads with a message called “Failing Forward”. It’s not about being perfect, because only Jesus is perfect.  It’s about learning from your sins and growing closer to God through them. Join us at 8:30 or 10:15 am at church or online.


Father’s Day – Join us this Sunday at 8:30 or 10:15 am on Father’s Day as we celebrate dads. Whether you are a father, have a father, act as a stand-in dad, or know some great dads, we invite you to come learn about your Heavenly Father at this special service.  Victory Kids will sing at both services, and we’ll have a slideshow of some Victory dads and their kids. In honor of fathers, we will collect goods to benefit Guest House of Milwaukee (click here to find out more) Please bring items to church on this weekend if you want to participate in this opportunity.

Parking Lot – This week, repairs on the parking lot at the Ministry Center began in preparation for the second layer to be applied next week.  Please watch your step as you walk across the lot this weekend. Also, the Ministry Center will be closed next week from Tuesday through Thursday as Merit Asphalt applies the final layer and repaints the line.  If you need assistance, please email the office.

Tuition Assistance Program – To see the tuition assistance guidelines and download an application, visit the Christian Education page of our website. Applications for the 2018-2019 school year are due June 30. To contribute to this fund, go to our online giving page. Under “Select Fund” click on Tuition Assistance.


Soccer Camp – Soccer Camp is the biggest outreach event of the year, and you have the opportunity to be a part of it! We have over 150 kids who are looking forward to this fun-filled week, which is made possible by donations and volunteers. If you are looking for a way to get involved during Soccer Camp, click here to register as a team helper.  You can also sign up to donate snacks here or donate items for the cookout here.  Also, we have lots of set-up opportunities as well during the weekend before Soccer Camp.  If you’re able to help at any time between Friday, 6/22 and Sunday 6/25, sign up here.

Franklin Civic Celebration Parade – Victory of the Lamb will get out into the community and share Jesus with the people of Franklin by participating in the parade on July 4.  The parade travels north along Loomis Rd. (north of Hwy. 100) and ends near Lions Legend Park.  We need lots of Victory friends sharing smiles and representing our church while walking along the parade float.  If you are unable to walk in the parade but still want to participate, you can also help out by driving shuttles from the church to the parade and back, or donating candy to be handed out to those watching the parade.

Brewers Game – Save the Date! On Friday, August 3, join Victory of the Lamb at Miller Park to watch the Brewers take on the Rockies starting at 7:10pm. More details to follow.  Please watch the blog and your email for your opportunity to purchase tickets for this game.