Victory News – June 19, 2020

Victory News – June 19, 2020


Hi Friends,

There is a stunning parable in Matthew 18. In the parable, an earthly story with a heavenly meaning, a man owes the king 10,000 bags of gold. The man didn’t have any resources to pay off the debt. The king decrees that he and his family be sold off until the debt is paid in full. The man fell on his knees, begging the king for mercy and for more time to pay off the debt. The king is merciful to the man and stuns everyone by canceling the debt in full!

With his debt canceled, the man comes across a man who owes him 100 silver coins. He accosts the man and demands that the man pay him back in full. The debtor pleads for his mercy. But instead of extending mercy to the man, he has the man thrown in prison.

The point of the parable is that our sin is like the grains of sand on the seashore – too many to count. And while other people have sinned against us, it is nowhere near as many times as we have sinned against God. As God has mercy on us, so we are to have mercy on others. As human beings, we don’t do mercy well. In fact, without God and his mercy, we could never begin to offer mercy.

The next time you are having trouble forgiving someone, remember God’s merciful forgiveness to you. As you see Jesus on the cross, you will see Jesus doesn’t just do merciful things; he is mercy. He sets us free from our sin and so we are free to forgive others.

I invite you to join and participate online for worship this Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am.

Sharing Christ’s victory,

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Last weekend, Pastor Ben continued the series with a message about God’s presence. When the consequences of our sin leave us in pain, we can look to Jesus. Click here to read or watch this message.

Coming Up This Weekend –  This weekend, Pastor Bill wraps up the series with a message about blessings. As forgiven children of God in Jesus Christ, God cannot curse those whom he has blessed. Join us on Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can join in for all of these services online. 


Father’s Day Worship – This weekend is Father’s Day weekend, and we’re excited to celebrate dads and father figures! You can tune in online on Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am to join the celebration and watch this year’s Father’s Day video, featuring members of our Victory family. We’ll also share the full-length video on YouTube and Facebook on Sunday.

Tuition Assistance Program – Every year, Victory provides tuition assistance to families who send their children to area Lutheran Elementary Schools.  You can also donate to the Tuition Assistance fund by designating “Tuition Assistance” for the fund via our online giving platform. To find more about the program and how monies are awarded, please see the Tuition Assistance Guidelines. To apply for the program, please complete the Application for Tuition Assistance. The deadline for applications for the 2020-2021 school year is July 15, 2020.


Reopening Plans – We’re excited to announce that, starting June 27, we’ll open up our worship services to limited, reserved seating! This weekend, our volunteers and their families will attend worship to practice and polish our new processes in order to ensure your safety when you attend worship. Stay tuned this week for details about what to expect and how you can reserve your seat. You can learn more about what reopening will look like by clicking here.

June 2020 Leadership Team Minutes – Please click here to read the minutes from the June 2020 Leadership Team Meeting. Any questions or concerns? We encourage you to email the Leadership Team.

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This Week’s Bible Reading – This week in the Biblical Storyline Plan, we read Ezekiel 9-22. Supporting video for this week included Day of the Lord. Learn more about this reading plan and get involved at votl.life/bible.