Victory News – June 3, 2022

Victory News – June 3, 2022


Hi Friends,

Sometimes we think things are bad things when they are actually good. For example: Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Was that bad or good? Well, Michael went to work on his basketball skills. He used the disappointment of not making the team to work hard to become better. The result of his hard work and natural God-given ability: many people think that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever.

Maybe you can think of a time when something you thought was bad ended up for good.

Sometimes Christians struggle with asking for forgiveness. Maybe it is because they are loaded down with guilt and shame. Maybe it is because they think it is a waste of time because they are already forgiven through Jesus’ death on the cross. But God takes the pain of admitting you need to be forgiven and works it out for your good.

This weekend, we are beginning the sermon series that you helped create: Glad You Asked. We are going to look at some of the amazing blessings that are ours when we ask God to forgive our sins.  This week’s question is: If we are already forgiven, why do we need to keep asking God for forgiveness?

You’re invited to join us for worship this Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can worship at Victory, on our live stream site, or on our YouTube channel.  

Reaching today’s people with Christ’s victory,

Pastor Bill


ICYMI – Pastor Ben wrapped up the Emotions series with a message about God and depression. When you struggle with depression, it can seem like nothing will ever get better. You feel alone, isolated, and afraid. But through the support of counselors, friends, and your Savior, you can come out on the other side of depression. To read and watch the message, click here.  You can also click here to watch an interview with Counselor Karen Fischer on depression.

Coming Up This Weekend –  Pastor Bill starts off a new series called Glad You Asked, where our pastors will be answering your big questions about faith and Christianity. This weekend, to help us understand why we continually go to God with our sins and ask for his forgiveness, Pastor Bill will help us study Jesus’ parable of the unmerciful servant. You can join in on Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am at Victory, on our live stream site, or our YouTube channel.


Franklin Civic Celebration Parade – This year, Victory will again show love to our community by handing out water bottles for the parade participants at the end of the Franklin Civic Celebration Parade on July 4th. We’re looking for donations of water bottles, volunteers (with trucks or vans) to bring water to the parade route, and volunteers to hand out water. All ages are welcome to help! To learn more and sign up, click here.


Victory Kids Updates – Thanks to all the new volunteers in our children’s ministry program, we are now able to offer Victory Kids at both our 9:00 and 10:30am services on Sundays! And, to better serve your family, we’re adjusting the age ranges in each of the rooms and enabling pre-check-ins through the ChurchCenter app. Learn about all these changes and find out how to use ChurchCenter for check-in by clicking here to read a Victory Kids update from VK Director Laura.

Download the ChurchCenter App Today! – We’re encouraging everyone to download the ChurchCenter app, where you can access a church directory, access your giving information, register easily for events, and more! We have also released a new feature where families can do early check-in for Victory Kids; this feature is only available through the ChurchCenter app. Once you download the app, make sure to put your photo into your profile. Need assistance? You can email Kari our Office Manager for assistance.