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Victory News – Lasting Impressions

Thank you to our teen group, Quest, for serving supper on Ash Wednesday this week

Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but last Sunday carved a lasting impression upon my heart. Pastor Mike Duncan’s message on our world mission work in Nepal resonated with me deeply. I think for me it had something to do with the fact that I could see myself reflected in the faces of the young men and their families who are putting their livelihood and their lives on the line to share the gospel over there.

Certainly after seeing the pictures from Nepal and hearing stories about our main contact family there, I went home much more keenly aware of two things. #1 We are so blessed as Christians in this country and especially as members of our local church, Victory of the Lamb. #2 My own challenges in life pale in comparison and so do my frustrations. As a result, my own apathy and cynicism was placed in stark contrast to their passion and persistence which I aspire to. And yet God is good. He sent his Son for us all! He calls us into his family and gives us a purpose as members of his church. There are opportunities near and far to share Christ’s victory and show the love of God.

And so in a good way, my daily prayer life has also been enriched with greater thanksgiving and specific petitions for real people. Now when I pray “Your kingdom come” in the Lord’s prayer, I have pictures of people, specific names, that I have in mind. I hope you do too and will keep those people in your prayers.

In fact I’m confident that you will, because last Sunday you again demonstrated extraordinary generosity. $2,660…you donated to help a little girl in Nepal hear with God’s help! Likewise, poor people in Pakistan are going to be incredibly blessed through the sales of the beautifully crafted items that were sold as part of Bachana (Urdu for “to save”). I don’t have the exact figures but from what I hear our church bought more items than any other church so far! I don’t say that to boast, but rather to thank God for the culture of generosity he has produced at our church because I know what it ultimately means: the good news of Jesus is going to continue to be shared with many. Generosity in response to the gospel creates more opportunities to share the gospel. And for that I rejoice!

New Sermon Series – Join us this Sunday as we begin Like Us In Every Way. Through this series we’ll gain a new appreciation for all that Jesus went through to rescue us. This Sunday also we’ll find strength in our own battles against temptation—the very real struggles we all face to honor God with our lives.

Usher Team – Volunteers Needed. Looking for more ushers who would be willing to serve once a month to help provide a friendly face, help people receive a worship folder, collect the offering and find their way around. Please contact Karl to volunteer.

Victory Kids – Volunteers Needed. Our Sunday morning kids’ program continues to grow! Please consider volunteering. A once a month commitment is all that is needed. Training provided. There are many roles to fill besides being a teacher. Some with little to no prep required. What is required? Most of all a heart that loves God and a willingness to show that love to others. Contact Liz to volunteer.

Host Team – Volunteers Needed. You may have noticed…the lobby quickly fills with people on Sunday morning and we’re growing. This is wonderful! What it also means is that it’s more important than ever that our guests feel welcome and are able to find their way around. It can be intimidating to attend a church for the first time. This is where the Host Team helps by creating great first impressions. Please consider helping out once a month. Contact Christie to volunteer.

Parking Request – We have ample parking around the northwest side of the ministry center, but guests aren’t always able to see that right away. If possible, out of love for our guests, I’m asking our members and regular attenders to think about parking on this northwest side of the building to leave as many parking spots available in the front of the building as possible.

Easter for Kids is a one day event where kids will learn about Jesus’ resurrection in exciting and powerful ways. Kids will experience the gospel message through skits, interactive learning stations, crafts, games and snacks. It’s an experience they won’t soon forget! Join us on Saturday April 8th from 11am-3pm at Victory of the Lamb. This program is open to anyone ages 3-11 and is free of charge. Lunch is also provided. Kids are invited to join us on Palm Sunday, April 9th at 9am when the kids will sing their song in church. Click here for more information, to register, or to sign up to help.  

Soccer Camp 2017 – Mark your calendars for the best week of the summer! The 10th annual Soccer Camp will be June 13-16! This year camp will be from 11am-3pm and include lunch.  You will be able to register and sign up to help in the next couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!

Sanctuary Art Update – Funding for the project is in place. This funding was received solely through your generosity over and above regular giving. We are excited to proceed. This week I met with Paul Mattek from Design Fugitives to plan our next steps. We mutually agreed that an Easter completion date isn’t realistic at this point. There is some consulting to do yet with our audio / visual / lighting consultants from AVE. We will do this soon and determine a new timeline for completion this year.

Koiné Special Service @VotL – Footsteps to the Cross is a musical experience arranged by Koiné that weaves together scripture texts, music, and multimedia to highlight the final steps of Jesus Christ. Join us on March 15 at 6:30 pm. Invite a friend. Come early. Expect a full house!

VotL Information Update – Here’s a link to a pdf of the info form we handed out at church. If you haven’t yet returned one, please do this Sunday to help us keep our church records up to date. Thank you!

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben