Victory News – New Series Starts Sunday

Victory News – New Series Starts Sunday

What a wonderful way to wrap up our series on baptism last Sunday with a great message and the opportunity to witness baptisms during each service! In case you missed it, here’s Caleb’s message and the recording from second service last Sunday. And here is a link to the video for the baptisms in first service. Remember too that you can always go back and watch or share messages from any of our sermon series via the archived sermons page on our website. Thank you so much to our tech team working diligently behind the scenes in the tech booth every Sunday who help with service production and livestreaming.

Coming up this Sunday we’re starting a new series called Real-ationships Make All the Difference. Here’s the big idea:

As we read through Scripture it’s amazing to see how vital relationships are in God’s grand design. In fact, God himself exists and works exclusively in relationship—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Nevertheless, in a sinful world relationships are not easy. In this series we want to explore the importance of relationships in our lives as well as God’s plan for using our personal relationships to share his love with the world.

Join me this Sunday at 9 or 10:45. Victory Kids during both services.

Marriage Enrichment Weekend Recap – Our first marriage enrichment event in our new ministry center was a great success last weekend. 16 people were able to attend “The Art of Marriage.” Here were some of the comments:

“We both feel re-energized and re-focused on what is important in our marriage…a very powerful and enjoyable time.”

“It was stimulating, humbling, and affected my heart.”

“Gave us a platform to talk about things we don’t usually take the time to address.”

“It pointed us back to Christ in our marriage—how much we left him out in some things…made us realize how important Jesus is in the little things in marriage that we take for granted.”

“We’ve decided to make a stronger commitment to each other.”

Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback I received, I hope to again host another event this Fall. Stay tuned.

Soccer Camp for Kids – For 9 years now we’ve been hearing parents tell us that their kids say this is their favorite week of the summer! Visit the soccer camp event page on our website for more info and registration about this fun camp for kids ages 4-11. Scroll down and find links to volunteer as a coach or group helper, or to help with the snacks, registration, or cookout.

Baby Bottle Blessing – Please remember to bring back your baby bottle. The funds collected in these bottles will help support pregnancy care centers operated by WELS Lutherans for Life. The money collected will go to saving lives and spreading the love of Jesus to those making pregnancy decisions. You can return the bottle to church this Sunday or any of the remaining Sundays in May. If you prefer, you may put your donation in an envelope and mark it “BABY BOTTLE BLESSING”. Please fill out and return the insert in the bottle to receive a receipt for your tax-deductible donation.

Victory Moms Group – Thursday Morning Playgroup and Book Club – Connect with other moms. Newcomers always welcome! Meets Thursday mornings 9:30-11 am in the Victory Kids wing at our ministry center. Discussing “The Power of a Positive Mom,” by Karol Ladd. Contact Chrissy with questions.

Breakfast and Bible Group – We’ll be meeting again this Monday mornings from 5:45-6:45 am in the ministry center lobby. All are welcome! Free breakfast and coffee. We’ll have off the following week for Memorial Day. We’ll talk this coming Monday about whether to continue over the summer.

Landscaping – Still working with the City to get approval for our final landscaping plans. Stay tuned.

Leadership Team Meeting – Here’s a link to this month’s Leadership Team update. We’ll have a couple of printed copies available on the info tables at the ministry center also. And as always if you have any issues, questions, or concerns please communicate them with anyone on the Leadership Team. Contact info can be found here on our website.

Associate Pastor Call – Pastor Josh Odell will be announcing a decision on our call by this coming Sunday. Please keep him in your prayers especially that God would grant him peace in making a settled decision about where to serve in Christ’s Kingdom.

Caleb’s Call Day at the Seminary – Caleb Schultz was assigned to serve for a year as a tutor (dormitory supervisor/teacher) at Luther Preparatory School in Watertown. We give thanks to God and ask His blessings on Caleb as he makes the transition to Luther Prep over the summer. This Sunday will officially be Caleb’s last Sunday at VotL but of course that doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing him again!

Pre-marriage Workshops – For anyone getting married or thinking about getting married, I have 4 pre-marriage counseling sessions that I offer to help lay a foundation for a healthy, successful marriage. If anyone is interested in taking part in this with other couples in a group, I’d like to begin a session sometime in the next 2-3 weeks which would then continue over the summer. Contact me to express interest and what days/times might work well for you.

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben