Victory News – September 18, 2020

Victory News – September 18, 2020


Hi Friends,

2020 has destroyed my habits and routines. I had daily habits of Bible reading, exercise, office work, and in-person meetings. And I had weekly habits of going to the grocery store and preparing for in-person worship. But all those habits and routines have been challenged and changed at some level.

So now I’m asking myself, “What do I do now? What are my new habits and routines?”

In our new sermon series Path to Victory, we’re examining the spiritual habits and routines of Christians throughout history. Christians have always gathered for worship, met in small groups, devoted themselves to grow personally, given generously, and spread the good news by going to the nations. Christians changed the world because they were devoted to these practices. It was their path to victory.

Through this series, we are rededicating ourselves to these ancient practices. We recognize they will look different today than they have in the past. We might gather for worship and in groups digitally. We might grow our faith by reading our Bibles on an app. We might give electronically. And we might use social media to go with the gospel. The forms might look different, but the practices remain the same.

We must not let the disruptions of 2020 keep us from establishing good habits in practicing our faith. Because when we stop practicing our faith, we will eventually stop believing in the object of our faith, Jesus Christ. So let’s gather together this weekend to discuss how we can continue to practice our ancient faith in new and innovative ways.

I look forward to worshiping with you this weekend in person or online this Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am.

Sharing Christ’s victory,

Pastor Ben


ICYMI – Last weekend, Pastor Bill started a new series called Path to Victory. Although worship looks different for us than for the Early Christians, the outcome of committing to weekly worshiping with one another is the same: the church will grow, and so will each of us believers. Click here to read or watch this message.

Coming Up This Weekend – This weekend, Pastor Ben continues the series about when we participate in a group and love one another, we get the unique opportunity to experience the loving presence of God among us. We meet in groups to encourage one another and grow closer to God. Join us on Saturday at 5:00pm or Sunday at 9:00 or 10:30am. You can join in for these services in person or online. 


Being a Kid in an Electronic Age – The first presentation in our “Parenting Support for COVID and Beyond” series is coming up THIS Monday, September 21 at 6:30pm. You can join in-person, online, or watch on demand for some tips and strategies for helping your children navigate the benefits and challenges of technology. More information about this presentation and others in the series, go to votl.life/parenting.

Bedtime Stories – The next edition of Bedtime Stories at Victory is coming up on Friday, October 2 at 6:30pm. We’ll offer this contact-free event for families in our community to enjoy time with one another, get some free books, and get out of the house. Go to votl.life/bedtime to learn more, and make sure to grab an invite card for this event at church this weekend. You can also click here to serve at and donate to this event.


Groups at Victory – Life is better together. That’s why Groups are such a big part of what we do at Victory. There are groups available for different stages of life, interests, and needs. We’ll be launching groups for the next two weekends at Victory. You can get a preview of available groups by clicking here.

Change to Worship – Starting next week, we will no longer request that you reserve your seats for worship. However, we will still maintain sanitizing procedures, require masks, and seat you for worship to maintain social distancing. We still ask parents to reserve spots for their children in Victory Kids. See you this weekend!

This Week’s Bible Reading – This week in the Biblical Storyline Plan, we read Daniel 7-12, Ezra, and Nehemiah 1-6. Supporting videos for this week include Son of Man and Overview: Ezra/Nehemiah. Learn more about this reading plan and get involved at votl.life/bible.