Victory News – We’ve Got Some Walls!

Victory News – We’ve Got Some Walls!

Builders For Christ Campground (view from northwest corner)

This week four huge walls seemed to literally pop up from the ground! It was an incredible thing to witness the precast concrete walls of the worship space installed and to be able to walk around inside where I’ll be getting to preach and teach God’s Word in the next couple of months when it’s all finished.

At the same time the Builders For Christ have been actively working on wood frames for the rest of the building and are looking forward to building our storage shed as their base of operations for the next couple months now that we finally have the permit for it.

I’ve had a couple opportunities to stop by and meet people coming and going. I hope many of you get a chance to meet, work with, or worship with the Builders For Christ folks—many of whom have committed huge chunks of their summer to serve their Savior here. They’re inspiring people to be around. And thanks to all of you who’ve been helping out with supplying snacks, meals, and supplies. Y’all are doing a great job and you’re inspiring too!

“Invisible Suitcases” Continues Sunday. We all carry emotional baggage that drains our energy and hope. Last week we studied God’s answer to the feeling, “I’m worthless.” This Sunday we’ll discover God’s answer to the feeling, “I’m powerless.” Based on the feedback I received this past week after week one, this is a message series that so many of us need to hear.

Soccer Camp Is This Coming Week! Donate Food for Snacks and the Cookout: Because of the record breaking numbers of kids we have this year, we still need food donated for daily snacks and the camp cookout on Thursday. There are two ways you can help: 1) A cash donation would be great. Sammi Goodger will use this $ to shop for any items that we still need that don’t get donated. 2) However, if you’d still like to donate specific items please contact Cassy or Sammi via email or after church on Sunday. They can help you identify what items we still need.

Soccer Camp Is This Coming Week! Help Set Up On Monday Morning at Polonia: There’s a lot to do setting things up for camp to start at 1 pm. We need helpers at Polonia from 8 am-12 noon on Monday morning to get everything ready. If you have any time to help Monday morning please contact Cassy to let her know you’re coming.

Helping the Builders – Food Donations Needed for the Builder Volunteers for the Summer. To sign up to donate meals, snacks or supplies, or even to volunteer time on the build itself, go to www.victoryofthelamb.com and click on the “Feeding the Builders” button on the right hand side of the homepage. Or to make it as easy as possible go directly to the page via this link. From this page you simply have to scroll down to find what you’d like to volunteer for.

Bible Study this Sunday – Every Sunday before worship we have a Bible study in theater #6 beginning around 8:09 am. Since later this summer I’ll be preaching through the book of Nehemiah, our Bible study series is setting the context of that time period and dig deeper into the events and prophecies of post-exilic Israel. Join us this Sunday as Prof. Bivens takes us through a study of Ezra 3:7—Ezra 4: Rebuilding of the Temple Begins – with Opposition to the Project.

The Tuition Assistance Program is open, by application, to students and families that are current members of Victory of the Lamb who are either enrolled in, or intend to enroll in an area WELS grade school, high school, Martin Luther College, or the Seminary. This program is not funded through our church budget but through the generous gifts of individuals who value Christian education and seek to encourage young people to ultimately consider full-time preaching or teaching ministry one day. Applications and program guidelines can be picked up on the info table in the lobby or by visiting this link on our webpage. If you would like to donate to our Tuition Assistance fund, you can do so through our Online Giving page on our website.

Kayla’s Playground Pickets are available to be purchased and personalized. This would be a great way to support our friends and let our light shine in the community. For more info, download this flyer from our website.

Host Team: Interested in getting involved? We need more people to help create great first impressions for our guests. Please contact Christie Mike to get plugged in.

St. Jacobi Lutheran School in Greenfield – is our partner in providing high quality 3K, 4K, and K-8 Christian Education for those who seek it. Find more info here about special tuition rates for VotL member families.

This week I attended the Southeastern Wisconsin District Conference which took place Tuesday and Wednesday at on the beautiful campus of our Seminary in Mequon. Victory of the Lamb was highlighted in the Home Mission presentation. That was pretty neat. My personal highlight of the whole conference was getting to meet and hear from a very special family that just arrived in our country from a far away country where mission work is dangerous. They came here to our country fleeing persecution and threats of death. One of them that had actually been kidnapped but by God’s grace made it out alive. Now they are here and are being trained to continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their talk was highly inspirational and passionate about the need for sharing Christ’s victory. It made me realize how easy it is to settle into my own little comfort zone instead of actively making the effort to go meet more people in the hope of ultimately sharing the gospel with them.

More Groundbreaking Celebration photos have now been posted on our Facebook page. Click here to view them.

Last Sunday’s sermon can be found here on our website. If you or anyone you know has struggled or is struggling with feelings of low self-worth, be sure and watch!

Sharing Christ’s Victory,

Pastor Ben