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VotL – Past, Present, Future

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I’m sure you are processing the news of Pastor Ben accepting the call to Divine Savior in Doral, FL.  The impact that Pastor and Sarah have had on so many of us over the years cannot be summed up in one email.  The thought of them not being around in a few months makes me bummed  just typing this.  I’m sure a lot of you have similar feelings.   If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding this process or the future, please express them to Pastor Bill, me, or any member of our Leadership Team.  Leadership Team members, including contact information, can be found on our website.

Having said that, through the powerful, guiding hand of the Holy Spirit, Pastor and Sarah have helped cultivate an atmosphere at Victory of the Lamb that will carry this church into an exciting future.  They laid a lasting foundation for what makes this church special.

1.  We are a church that has a heart for reaching the unchurched.
2.  We are a church full of people who love their Savior, and love to use their time, talents, and treasures to show it.
3.  We are a church that is dedicated to providing the most welcoming atmosphere possible.
4.  We are a church where God’s grace is front and center.
5.  We are a church that is not complacent, always looking for more ways to impact the community and reach more souls with the Gospel.

These “church” characteristics that Pastor and Sarah helped cultivate are nothing short of a gift from God and won’t be leaving with Pastor and Sarah.   We pray that the Holy Spirit will use Pastor Ben and Sarah to bless their new congregation the same way they have blessed ours.

The Leadership Team will be meeting Monday, January 8th to discuss transition items and start developing a call packet for our next Pastor.  If you have comments or suggestions that you would like us to talk about regarding a new Pastor, please let me or any member of the Leadership team know over the next week.

The Holy Spirit has also blessed us with Pastor Bill and Jacky.  They have a “kingdom” perspective. They have a welcoming spirit. They have hearts for reaching the lost.  They are grace motivated.  They are great encouragers.  They have a non-complacent attitude.  Sound Familiar???  It’s probably why they were such a good team.  Bottom line is we are in good hands!

While it may not be the way we would have mapped it out, take heart that this did not take our good Lord by surprise. As Pastor said on Sunday, the Sovereign Lord has been preparing, training, and equipping someone to become our next Pastor from the day they came into the world.  He’s got this!

Please pray for our congregation, our Pastors and their families, and for Divine Savior in Florida during this transition.

Your Brother in Christ,

Jeff Guenther