Weeks 8-9: Volunteers Get In on the Action

Weeks 8-9: Volunteers Get In on the Action


We are very thankful to all of the volunteers from Builders for Christ, who are serving their Lord by working to build this ministry center. The wood frame sections are framed up, many have been set in place and there are now many things that our “first timers” can now help out with. First-timers are volunteers from Victory of the Lamb and the community who wish to spend time helping out with construction and are trained on how to do various jobs by the Builders For Christ workers. Whether for a day or many days, we are now ready to fully schedule first-timers.

Could you be a first-timer? It’s really fun being out on the site, seeing all of the progress. All you need to do is fill out the WORKER APPLICATION and you will be contacted with details. You can also contact Nancy if you have any questions. Basically, we need volunteers on the work days – Tuesdays through Saturdays. The day starts at 7:30 a.m. with a short devotion, introductions sharing of the goals for the day, and training new people on safety topics and other necessary skills.

What should you wear? Long pants and closed-toed shoes (old hiking boots are perfect) are all that are required. Cold drinks are provided, as well as 2 snacks and the noon meal. If you have an individual-sized thermos  it would be handy if you filled it up with cold water and brought it with you. Hard hats, and eye/ear protection are available at the site. You too, can sport the latest in fashionable hard-hat attire!

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