Weeks 10-11: Truss, The Shed, & Roof Decking

Weeks 10-11: Truss, The Shed, & Roof Decking


Week 10: It takes a lot of truss to build a church

Week 10 was dominated by truss – those things that hold the roof up. There are a lot of them! It’s quite the procedure: finding the truss, walking and guiding the truss, lifting the truss, and setting the truss were all steps in the process before they could be nailed into place. Then repeat about 150 times.


The Shed

The long-awaited shed was finished enough to be able to move the refrigerator in, as well as tables, chairs, and cabinets. Lunch and snacks can now be prepared and eaten in style! When food is brought to the work site, it can be taken directly to the shed.


Week 11: Up on the roof

Week 11 was all about being on the roof. More trusses were installed and a lot of roof decking was nailed into place.  The natural skylights are all disappearing! In addition, the floors were being prepared for cement to be poured, and a lot of conduit was placed along the ground. The shed continued making progress by getting some shingles and doors put on.