Who is Worthy?

Who is Worthy?

Who is worthy to lead us into the future? 
No, this isn’t yet another ad for the upcoming election. I wouldn’t do that to you!
It is however an important question answered by the Bible book of Revelation.
This Sunday we come to the grand finale of our Revelation Rewind sermon series. We will see not only who is worthy to lead us into the future but who is worthy to actually make our future more secure. And at the center of it all is… the Lamb.
So if you’ve ever wondered why we call our church Victory of the Lamb, this will be a great Sunday to come and find out. If you have fears about the future, this will be a message that will increase your faith. And if all the negative political ads have made you feel kind of lousy lately, you won’t want to miss hearing a positive message about the One who is truly worthy.
Come this Sunday to Showtime Cinema here in Franklin at 9:30 am. Come early to grab a bite to eat and a cup of coffee in the lobby free of charge.
And if you have kids, we’re ready for them! We have a whole kids’ ministry program called Bible Quest designed to be the best hour of your child’s week. Register your children for Bible Quest and then come worship in theater #1 knowing that your children are safe, having fun, and learning about Jesus.
PS – I hope to see you in person, but if you can’t make it we’ve recently begun live streaming our services. We’re a little limited with the upload speed that we’re able to get inside the theater. We’re looking into ways to speed it up. But overall it’s not a bad experience. Check it out sometime any Sunday at 9:30 am by tuning in at this link

Pastor Ben